Go Green

For private consumers, retailers and wholesalers, we have developed a special Go Green product line, a globally unique line with only energy saving, water saving and CO2-reducing products. The approximately 75 Go Green products have the same look and feel, are easy to use and provide a description in 11 languages. The saving of each of these products is clearly communicated on the packaging.

The Idea behind Go Green

Saving energy: many people want it, but few know exactly how. A common mistake is that people start to invest in solar panels, while often this isn’t the most effective way. Saving energy is much cheaper than generating it.

The Go Green product line consists only of products which prevent energy loss or save energy. They are the proverbial low-hanging fruit, the quick wins, helping you to maximize energy savings, often at low cost.

All products by Go Green:

  • its energy and water saving and reduces CO2
  • have the same look and feel
  • the savings will be communicated on the package
  • each product has its own explanation of savings in the package
  • are plug and play, and all simple and easy to use
  • all products comply with Rohs directive
  • the electrical products are CE and GS
  • Go Green products have a 1 year warranty, on the Go Green CFL bulbs warranty is even two years

Never leave the light on!

Everybody will recognise the problem. You enter a room and somebody before you left the lights on. A waste of energy and money.

Just connect the Lamp Base Timer between the lamp base and the lamp and select the time you want to switch off the light automatically (between 5 and 60 minutes). When you or someone else forgets to switch off the light, the lampbasetimer will do it for you. An effective and easy way to save energy.

Plug and play. Installed in only a few seconds.

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Your logo on a product

Mostly all products of synthetic material can be personalized by printing the company logo on the product. When the article is made of other materials, it is better to check the possibilities first. Personalizing is possible starting from 100 units. Less is also possible, but the total price remains equal to customizing 100 pcs. Delivery will be approximately 2 weeks after approval of the sample, depending on the number of edits, but bear in mind that delivery will take at least 5 working days due to hardening of the ink. When it comes to numbers greater than 2000-5000, it can be interesting to order personalized articles directly from the manufacturer, take in account that delivery time will be several months.


Ask for Go Green Banners for your website or shop. We can send you a number of banners which you can use to promote the Go Green products.


For selling, online photographs are essential. You can download all our images for free. There is only one limitation: When you use our pictures, you should also buy our products.


You and your customer like to see the product like in real life and we can well understand this. For this we offer you a clear policy on ordering samples. When you use our products at a trade show to show, then we offer you several possibilities.

Points of sale

When you are selling at least 75% of all the products in our Go Green assortment, notify us by using the form below, we will add your company name to the section 'points of sale'
Het Groene Schap

The Green Shelf

The Green Shelf ensures that words can be translated into action. Customers can easily calculate their own savings, by standing in front of the shelf and adding up all the savings that are clearly visible on the packaging. To help our customers organize this shelf we have wide range of formats available for example, because it is difficult to place the products of different packaging size neatly and economically into this shelf. Ask for the possibilities. This shelf includes 40 hooks.
Dimensions: 60 x 53 x 205 cm.
Kartonnen Schap

Cardboard Action Display

This shelf is a thick cardboard shelf with 4 compartments. These boxes can be divided into several separate compartments according to your own wishes. These compartments are included. On the front of the display a plastic strip is placed where price and/or description of the product can be placed. Also, this strip ensures that the products do not fall out. There is no standard format for this shelf. This totally dependent on your needs and wishes.
Dimensions: 540 x 380 x 1350 mm.
Kartonnen Schap

Counter Display

At (almost) every shop at the checkout counter you will find a nice counter-action with nice take away products that you really can not miss.
Go Green counter display gives retailers the opportunity to bring extra attention to some Go Green products on the most important moment, when customers are waiting for the counter.
Het Groene Schap

Tricant Box

The boxes are made from recycled cardboard and FSC certified paper. The ink and glue is water-based. The boxes can be recycled for 100% after use . That's why the Tricant Energy Saving Box is a very responsible and sustainable packaging.

  • Small (size 18 x 15 x 15 cm)
  • Medium (size 28 x 22 x 19 cm)
Kartonnen Schap

Energysaving Box

The boxes are made from 80% recycled cardboard and 20% FSC certified paper. The ink and glue is water-based. The boxes can be recycled for 100% after use . That's why the Energy Saving Box is a very responsible and sustainable packaging.

  • Small (size 26 x 14,4 x 9 cm)
  • Medium (size 26 x 19,4 x 16,5 cm)
  • Large (size 40 x 19,4 x 13,7 cm)
  • Extra Large (size 40 x 19,4 x 20 cm)
Kartonnen Schap

Letterbox Box

In the box you can send two special "letter box" bulbs, and a number of other products (depending on the composition of the box).

  • Letterbox Box (size 25 x 15 x 3,1 cm)