Go Green Fridge/Freezer Thermometer


Short description

Fridges and freezers waste a lot of energy when they are too cold but they can't be too warm either as food will go off quicker.

Long description

Go Green's Fridge Thermometer helps you keep an eye on the temperature in your fridge or freezer. You can place or hang it in the fridge making sure the display is clearly visible. You will find lots of handy tips in the manual which will help you prevent your fridge from wasting energy.
Savings per year 6,50 euro.
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Product specifications

Warrant (years) 2
Weight incl. packaging (gram) 90
Marks CE
Color RVS-look
Material RVS
Product width (mm) 75
Product height (mm) 34
Product length (mm) 88
Savings per year 26
Temperature range (degrees) -50 / +30
Life expectancy (years) 5