Service & Guarantee

Technea Nederland BV pays a great deal of attention at the quality of her products. According to our terms and conditions the warranty on all products is one year. For the saving bulbs the warranty is two years accourding to our terms of conditions.

If you are not completely satisfied with our products, do not hesitate to contact us with the help of the data here below.

Broken savingbulbs (CFL)

Energy saving light bulbs contain volatile mercury which can be harmful to your health. Go Green compact fluorescent lamps contain a minimal amount of mercury (2.2 mg), which is arranged in solid form. (Amalgam technology) This way it can’t evaporate. For maximum safety, we recommend in case of breakage of the bulbs to ventilate the room for at least 15 minutes and to fend off children and animals from this room. To remove the broken parts, we recommend the use of gloves and a broom and dust pan. Please under no circumstances use cloths or vacuum cleaner. Dispose of the broken parts in a plastic bag and hand it in at a KCA depot.